The Palestinian-born model turns upside down and changes her attitudes toward Israel

Something recently happened, which made model Gigi Hadid, an American of Palestinian origin, change her tone and attitudes towards Israel, which she used to criticize for her treatment of the Palestinians, and the evidence is her support on Instagram a few days ago, for a post supporting the Jewish people, and she erased anti-Israel “posts” that she previously published. .

The post, whose photo is published below, was written on the communicative “Instagram” by the 41-year-old American Jewish comedian, producer and writer Amy Schumer, in which she says, “I support my Jewish friends and the Jewish people,” and his words appeared in large blue letters on a black background, to draw attention, which is what Al-Arabiya.net read an article published on Monday in the English language section of the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.

The comedian Schumer, whose supermodel shared her “post” that Hadid’s adult Instagram followers read over 76 million from most of the world, is an outspoken supporter of the Jewish community in the United States, and has also joined forces with other American Jewish actors in an effort to increase footfall. Voters among American Jews to vote more in American elections.

No explanation was given

Another evidence of a clear change in the attitude of the supermodel towards Israel or Jews in general, is the removal of Gigi Hadid “Posts” that she had published since May 2021 in Instagram criticizing Israel, without providing any explanation for removing her from her account, according to what was reported by “Yediot” news about Gigi is the mother of a child named Khai from her ex-partner, English singer Zayn Malik, who is currently dating American actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is 21 years older than her.

Gigi, 27, had participated since May 2021 in several anti-Israel publications with her one-year-old sister, Bella, especially during the Israel-Hamas war. She also published a post last March, in which she compared the war in Ukraine to the situation of the Palestinians in Gaza, and wrote in large letters: “Hands off Ukraine, hands off Palestine.” It seems that she also removed this post from her “Instagram” account and deleted it.

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