The pilot’s crisis and a movie he reviewed.. Muhammad Ramadan reveals his secrets

Surprising statements made by the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in his celebration of New Year’s Eve, when he appeared in a television interview with the Egyptian media, Mona El-Shazly, where he spoke for the first time about The crisis of the late pilot, Ashraf Abu Al-YusrAnd he admitted his mistake in the story, and the evidence for that is that the judiciary ruled against him in the end.

Ramadan revealed his distress because he He caused a harsh decision against the late pilotTherefore, he took advantage of the opportunity to show mercy to him in front of the Egyptian and Arab audiences.

The Egyptian artist explained that he wished that the decision issued against the pilot would be lighter than a life ban, noting that he had tried in every way to mitigate the punishment and resolve the matter, before it turned into a public opinion case.

Ramadan expressed his dissatisfaction with the talk about the fact that the pilot died because of him, especially since life is in the hands of God alone, and that the pilot died after winning his case against Ramadan, to reveal a surprise, which is that he delivered the amount required of him to the court, but the matter would not have compensated him for being subjected to a long-term suspension. life because of this issue.

Muhammad Ramadan, who was joined in part of the program by his son and daughter, talked about his movie “Abdo Muta”, which he presented 10 years ago and was subjected to wholesale criticism because of it, indicating that the film already carries things that deserve criticism, which is what makes him rethink the film and present it in a way different if it is presented to him now.

The hero of “Al Ostoura” stressed that it is impossible to present the film at the present time as he did 10 years ago, as he is now a mature person and has a broader vision.

But the matter at the time of presenting the film was not clear, and he did not know that he would reach this position, and therefore if he knew about that, he would definitely adjust many things.

Ramadan talked during the meeting about his struggle when he was young, and his going to the downtown area in order to meet the producers and search for them, as well as his listening to the women who came to the house of his mother, who was working in tailoring clothes, in order to know their different stories.

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