The presidential initiative “Ibda'” celebrates the International Day of Education, January 24. Photos

The presidential initiative “Ibda'” for the localization of the Egyptian industry celebrated the International Education Day, January 24, stressing that education is a human right, a public good and a social responsibility.

Based on the role that education plays in achieving peace and development, the “Ibda'” initiative works to promote technical and vocational education as a public good.


“Beginning” works to support the training process in cooperation with various training institutions to unleash the latent energies of every young man and girl so that they can contribute to the achievement of societal and economic development.

It is noteworthy that the presidential initiative “Ibda'” has revealed the most important achievements during 3 months in the field of research, development and training

Which aims to provide technical, vocational and educational training for Egyptian workers in accordance with international standards, in addition to providing decent job opportunities with appropriate rates of return that secure a decent life for the Egyptian worker.

1- The start of the first phase of the “Start a Life” initiative in Sohag Governorate on October 21, 2022, in cooperation with “A Decent Life” and the Ministry of “Military Production”, which included an integrated vocational training program for young people within the framework of achieving economic empowerment for the targeted groups, where young people were trained inside a car Training affiliated to the Ministry of Military Production on a range of different trades such as repairing household appliances, welding, aluminum and other craft professions, in addition to holding awareness and educational lectures.

2 – In addition to the existence of a comprehensive sports and entertainment program, and cultural workshops on many topics such as correcting misconceptions about addiction, and others. This came with the active participation of Sohag Governorate, which provided all means of support and facilities to provide training for the qualification of workers

Egyptian, according to the needs of the local and global labor market.

The “Ibda'” initiative, in cooperation with the “Decent Life” Foundation, the Ministry of Military Production and the “Dakahlia” Governorate, announced the start of the activities of the second round of vocational and educational training for a group of young people through holding a number of workshops and awareness and educational lectures that provide them with decent job opportunities that secure a life for them and their families. Generous.

3- Ibdaa Projects Development Company, which is the executive arm of the “Ibdaa” initiative represented by the “Bico” company – which is one of the leading companies in the field of heavy industrial equipment and its maintenance – signed a cooperation protocol with the “Central Agency for Construction” of the Ministry of Housing to develop policies and plans The strategy is to provide and provide vocational and specialized training centers to qualify and train young people in various construction and building trades, in addition to training them to drive, operate, and maintain various heavy equipment, in order to develop the construction and building sector, and provide many job opportunities.

during the initiative

It is noteworthy that this axis aims to achieve sustainability through the development of state technical education and vocational training institutions and their accreditation in accordance with international standards. As well as supporting troubled factories, by finding the most appropriate solutions

It solves its problems in a scientific, practical and modern way at the lowest possible cost.

Start initiative

About the National Initiative for the Development of Egyptian Industry “Ibda'”

The national initiative for the development of the Egyptian industry, “Ibda'”, was launched by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, during the Egyptian family breakfast in April 2022.

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