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The project of duplication of the “Qena-Luxor” road, one of the arteries of development in Upper Egypt..Details

The Ministry of Transport implemented a duplication project Qena – Luxor Road In Qena Governorate, one of the development arteries in Upper Egypt, which extends for a length of 36 km. The road has been upgraded and doubled, which doubles the width of the road to 23 metres.

This road uses modern technologies to recycle the old asphalt layer, which helps not to waste the available asphalt raw material, and also reduces the cost of purchasing new asphalt. Therefore, the cost of developing this road does not exceed 290 million Egyptian pounds so far.

In this context, the ministry is implementing the project to develop the eastern desert road, which extends between Cairo and Aswan with a length of more than 800 km. road sectors.

The project includes a number of large industrial works; Such as service roads made of concrete that can withstand heavy trucks, and overhead bridges over intersections such as railways and opposing highways, in addition to digging a number of flood drains under the road, to avoid its demolition during periods of torrential rain. Therefore, the value of developing the road in the Aswan Governorate sector alone is 600 million Egyptian Pound.




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