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The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of 3 Sudanese in the Azbakia quarrel and the beating of two of them until their death

The Public Prosecution ordered the detention of three Sudanese nationals accused of beating two of the same nationality to their death (premeditated and premeditated) in the Azbakeya Police Department, following tribal disputes between them, and investigations confirmed the incorrectness of what was raised about the reason for their quarrel. for a girl.

The Public Prosecution had received a report from the police on the 22nd of this month about the death of two Sudanese nationals as a result of stab wounds they sustained during a quarrel with others, and that three witnesses – of the same nationality – confirmed a quarrel between the two victims and three other Sudanese that erupted inside a church. And it spread outside, where the three assaulted the two victims with knives, and they were arrested, and the Public Prosecution took over the investigations.

As I moved to the scene of the incident, it became clear from watching the surveillance machines overlooking it that the three accused were chasing the two victims and assaulting them with knives. The Public Prosecution examined the bodies of the deceased and notified the Embassy of the State of Sudan to interrogate the accused, who admitted that they had committed the crime of beating the two victims, which led to their death (premeditatedly). and stalking), after they and others (unknown people whom we do not know) mocked them and prevented them from entering a party that was held in the church following tribal disputes between them.

The Public Prosecution also asked a number of vision witnesses, including people of the same nationality as the parties to the incident, and they confirmed that the accused had infringed the victims, and anatomical reports proved that the stabbing injuries of the deceased were the cause of their death, and that the incident was permissible, such as the filming that the investigations concluded, and the investigations are ongoing. Disposing of papers by referring the accused to a speedy trial.

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