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The release of keyboard player Mohamed Abdel Salam after his opposition in absentia

The investigation authorities in Mit Ghamr released the famous keyboard player Mohammed AbdulsalamAfter ending 11 oppositions in 11 absentee rulings issued against him.

Abd al-Salam completed the procedures for his release and left the investigation brigades to his home after submitting the crisis objections

Article 398 of the Code of Criminal Procedure stipulates that the objection to judgments in absentia issued in misdemeanors punishable by a penalty restricting freedom shall be accepted from the accused or the person in charge of civil rights within the ten days following his notification of the judgment in absentia other than the legal distance time, and this declaration may be With a summary on a form for which a decision is issued by the Minister of Justice, and in all cases the announcement to the administration is not considered.

However, if the announcement of the verdict did not take place in the person of the accused, then the time limit for the objection with regard to him with regard to the penalty imposed begins from the day he became aware of the occurrence of the notification, otherwise the objection is permissible until the lawsuit is dropped by the lapse of time.

The announcement of judgments in absentia and judgments considered in presence according to Articles 238 to 241 may be made by a public authority man, in the cases stipulated in the second paragraph of Article 234.

Article 400 of the same law stipulates that the opposition shall be obtained by a report in the clerk’s office of the court that issued the judgment, in which the date of the session that was set for its consideration shall be recorded, and this shall be considered a notification to it, even if the report was from an attorney. .

While Article 468 stipulates that, when ruling in absentia to imprisonment for a period of one month or more, if the accused does not have a specific place of residence in Egypt, or if a precautionary detention order was issued against him, it may order, at the request of the Public Prosecution, to arrest and imprison him.

The accused shall be imprisoned upon his arrest in implementation of this order until a ruling is issued in the objection he raises, or the deadline set for it expires. In no case may he remain in detention for a period exceeding the sentence. This is all unless the court to which the objection is submitted decides to release him before deciding on it.

It is noteworthy that the security services arrested the famous keyboard player, Mohamed Abdel Salam, while examining him in the parachutes ambush, to implement judicial rulings issued against him.

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