The Restaurant Chamber praises the efforts of the Governor of South Sinai to confront unlicensed entities

The Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants, headed by Adel Al-Masry, praised the efforts made by Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, to confront the illegal “restaurants and cafeterias” entities that use tourism as their activity and work without any tourist or local licenses in Sharm El Sheikh and the tourist cities in the governorate.

Adel Al-Masry, head of the chamber, said – in a press statement issued by the chamber – that the actions taken by Major General Khaled Fouda, the governor of South Sinai – in the framework of developing the city of Sharm El-Sheikh and accompanying it to host the climate summit in November 2022 – are deterrent measures to these illegal entities. With the tourism laws, especially Law No. 8 of 2022, which restricted the work of the tourist activity to facilities that obtained a license from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and not allowing any party to provide services to tourists except with a license from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

He added, “These measures are consistent with the decisions issued by Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, in addition to the directives and instructions issued by the Ministries of Tourism and Antiquities and Local Development to take all legally deterrent measures against any violator and eliminate illegal entities, in order to preserve the The reputation and image of the Egyptian tourist destination.

Al-Masry expressed his appreciation to the Governor of South Sinai, praising his tireless efforts to attract more tourists to South Sinai and his keenness to attend international tourism fairs and exchanges to promote the governorate, as well as his movements in other targeted markets and his signing of many cooperation protocols with international tourist cities for brotherhood to ensure the continued flow of incoming traffic to maintain.

Al-Masry pointed to the Chamber’s welcome and desire for the governorates (localities), especially tourism, to adopt the policy pursued by Major General Khaled Fouda, Governor of South Sinai, in preserving the rights of the state and citizens and protecting tourism activity from intruders, stressing the Chamber’s readiness to cooperate and coordinate with governors and heads of neighborhoods and cities. To spread tourism awareness and highlight the rights of citizens to obtain tourism services from establishments and restaurants approved by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Chamber, and away from what is practiced by establishments that are not licensed for their tourist activity.

The head of the Chamber of Tourism Establishments and Restaurants confirmed that the Chamber aims to preserve the reputation of the tourist destination and that it harnesses its capabilities and components from human elements with multiple experiences, to organize and hold many workshops and awareness and training courses for managers and workers in restaurants throughout the governorate, in a manner that ensures the safety and security of food, especially those that It reviews the tight control over all establishments related to the “tourist and popular” food sector and the prerequisites for food safety, with an extensive explanation of the “HACCP” system, which is risk analysis and identification of critical control points, the system of discrimination, tracking, withdrawal and recall, as well as fulfilling the requirements of food safety management systems and ensuring that Preserving the health and safety of the Egyptian and foreign consumers alike, by setting and implementing binding rules for food safety in accordance with applicable international standards, and in order to preserve Egypt’s tourism reputation.

Al-Masry warned of the negative effects resulting from the work of these illegal entities, which are not subject to the supervision of the concerned authorities, whether from tourism, health, environment or veterinary medicine, and threaten the health and safety of their Egyptian visitors or incoming tourists if they are exposed to any risks as a result of eating unsafe foods and foods. And offending the Egyptian tourist destination.

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