The Sixth Real Estate Development Conference discusses 24 developers on 4 challenges that shape the future of the sector in 2023

• Specialized sessions on sales regulation controls and the extent of export activity

• The leaders of export control and the subsidiary sovereign fund review future plans

24 leaders and experts of real estate development companies will discuss 4 challenges shaping the future of the real estate sector in 2023 at the 6th Real Estate Debate 2022 Conference, which will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities on Sunday, October 30 at the Nile Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

The conference is scheduled to be opened by the leaders of the Ministry of Housing and the General Organization for Export and Import Control, as well as the General Authority for Financial Supervision and the Egyptian Sovereign Fund.

Al Mal GTM is organizing the sixth edition of the real estate development conference under the title “4 challenges that shape the future of the real estate sector,” which coincides with the economic movement that Egypt is currently witnessing after the end of the economic conference, which resulted in recommendations for more partnership with the private sector.

It is expected that the conference sessions will witness the unveiling of the strategy of government and sovereign agencies in activating and supporting real estate developers, during opening speeches at the conference.

The opening speeches include an interview with Engineer Essam Al-Najjar, head of the General Authority for Export and Import Control, with the aim of addressing the importance and developments of the issuance of a law regulating the profession of real estate broker, as well as an interview with Dr. real estate.

The conference will also witness a discussion session with Amr Elhamy, Executive Director of the Egypt Sub-Fund for Tourism, Real Estate Investment and Antiquities Development, during which a review of the fund’s work strategy and how real estate development companies can benefit from it by entering into partnerships or exploiting the available assets.

It is planned that the conference will include 4 discussion sessions, the first of which is related to reviewing the future of the real estate sector in light of the results of the economic conference, in addition to the issuance of a decision by the Prime Minister, to implement strong controls to regulate the relationship between development companies and customers, which developers are waiting to implement on the ground, to issue a final ruling on it.

The list of speakers in that session includes Eng. Khaled Abbas, President of the Administrative Capital for Urban Development, Eng. Tarek Shoukry, Head of the Real Estate Development Chamber, Deputy of the Housing Committee in the House of Representatives, as well as Eng. Sherif Hammouda, President of JV Urban Development Company, and Eng. Mohamed Eltaher, CEO of the Saudi Company Egyptian Construction.

While the second session will discuss the file of developers’ compensation as a result of the negative consequences of the global inflation crisis and the rise in the prices of building materials, and the list of speakers will include Eng. Ahmed Mansour, CEO of Cred, and Eng. Fathallah Fawzy, President of MENA Real Estate Development Consultancy, in addition to Eng. Ahmed Abdullah, Vice Chairman of the Board The management of Redcon Construction, Eng. Mohamed Tarek Kamel, Executive Director of the North African region of the Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), and Eng. Sherif Gamal, partner in Raafat Miller RMC Engineering Consultancy.

As for the third session, it deals transparently with the real estate export file in the Egyptian market, after years of the government’s adoption of this vital file to revive real estate sales and create a new source of foreign currency. Administrative and New Cairo, and Eng. Alaa Khader, CEO of Scope Real Estate Development, Bassem Kalila, President of Kalila Exhibitions Organizing Company, and finally Bassem El-Sherbiny, CEO of Etqan Real Estate Consulting.

The fourth session is devoted to discussing the diversity of the available financing tools, which heralds a breakthrough in this file that enhances the ability of companies to continue construction. The list of speakers includes Dr. Mazen Hassan, President of Al-Tameer Securitization Company, Ayman Abdel Hamid, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the First Real Estate Finance Company, and Ahmed Imam, President CEO of Amlak Real Estate Finance Company, Ahmed Fekry, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Contact Real Estate Development Company, and Eng. Ahmed El-Shennawy, Chairman of Adfa Real Estate Development Company; And Eng. Walid Morsi, Head of DCI Plus Architects for Engineering Consultations.

All the proposals of real estate development companies will also be discussed and presented to the Ministry of Housing officials, to create a state of continuous interaction between investors and decision makers, which is always the message that Al Mal newspaper targets from its periodic conferences, by formulating several proposals that can be converted into decisions on the ground.

Al Mal GTM, the sister to Al Mal newspaper, is the most active national company in the field of organizing conferences and making ideas, and its most important events are the CEOs Thoughts Conference and the Portfolio Egypt Conference.

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