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The star crowd.. The sky of Egypt is now witnessing an astronomical phenomenon that continues until dawn

08:15 PM

Wednesday 09 November 2022

Books – Youssef Afifi:

The Jeddah Astronomical Society said that the sky of Egypt and the Arab world is now witnessing an astronomical phenomenon that will continue until dawn tomorrow, Thursday.

This comes within the astronomical phenomena that Egypt is witnessing during the month of November, which is the conjunction of the moon and the stellar crowd, known as the “Pleiades Stars” or the “Seven Sisters”.

In the sky of Egypt, the conjunction of the moon with the stellar crowd Pleiades, which is the stars of the seven sisters or the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus and near the red star of Aldebaran, is observed, and this phenomenon that began at nightfall continues until the appearance of the morning twilight at dawn tomorrow.

The Jeddah Astronomical Society indicated that the Thuraya star cluster will not be visible to the naked eye inside cities due to light pollution as well as due to moonlight, which obliterates the dim natural lights in the dome of the sky, while the star Aldebaran is easily seen.

This phenomenon can be easily seen through binoculars or digital photography, and the moon, Aldebaran and Pleiades will move together towards the west across the sky as a result of the Earth’s rotation on its axis, but the real movement of the moon is towards the east, where the moon will appear tomorrow and has moved towards the east compared to its position in the sky tonight.

As for the Pleiades stars, the Astronomical Society explained that these stars were born from the same cloud of gas and dust about 100 million years ago, compared to 4 billion years and half the age of the sun, and they are related stars and many of them shine hundreds of times more than the sun.

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