“The strongest signal” .. The frequency of the new Al-Ahly channel 2022 Al-Ahly in HD technology after the November update

The frequency of the new Al-Ahly channel 2022 Fans of the Century Club are looking for the frequency of the new Al-Mared channel on Nilesat, to know the news of the African champion and what the channel offers in training players as well as friendly matches, and therefore many Al-Ahly club fans are constantly searching for the frequencies of the modern channel, and the channel has managed to reach a viewership rate During the recent period, the channel’s content has become very distinctive, and the channel has covered all sports programs and news.

The frequency of the new Al-Ahly channel 2022

Al-Ahly channel has become one of the distinguished channels in broadcasting matches, as it is characterized by the following:

  • It can be played on all old and new receivers and screens as well.
  • The channel signal is strong and clear and operates without interruption or interference.
  • The channel announced its new frequency.
  • The channel frequency is available on the official channel page on social media.
  • The channel runs all day.
  • To subscribe to the channel, you do not need to pay fees to enjoy watching the channel.
  • Ease of receiving the channel on the Nilesat satellite.

Al Ahly HD channel content

Al-Ahly channel provides complete content to follow sports news, especially Al-Ahly news, through many news programmes.

  • Interested in Al-Ahly club news in all sports such as handball, basketball and volleyball in addition to football.
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Club is Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, who is in charge of the channel.
  • The channel contains a lot of multiple programs such as the Big House program and Al-Ahly News.
  • The channel hosts the brightest stars of Al-Ahly club, in addition to the Al-Ahly Stadium program to analyze Al-Ahly matches before and after the matches.

Al-Ahly Nilesat channel

  • The frequency is: 12341.
  • While polarization: horizontal.
  • Encoding rate: 27500.
  • And error correction factor: 5/6.

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