The Suez Canal Economy approves 5 new investment projects.. Get to know them

The board of directors of the General Authority for the Economic Zone of the Suez Canal approved, in its first meeting, headed by Walid Gamal El-Din, a set of new projects for the fiscal year 22/23, including industrial zones and their ports.

The list of projects includes:

An integrated logistical project “a clean dry bulk station for the handling of grains and grains and a logistical zone for value-added operations” in East Port Said, which was submitted by the Roots-Rosa Greens alliance. A thousand square meters adjacent to the station based on the activities of manufacturing industries for the production of grain and cereals.

Expansions of the Suez Canal Terminal for Container Handling in East Port Said Port, with a length of 955 meters and a yard of 510 thousand square meters, with cumulative investments estimated at $500 million and providing 1,000 direct and indirect job opportunities. The current main terminal for operating the East Port Said Port.

Approval of the project of establishing a multi-purpose terminal for the Sky Investment – Reliance Logistics alliance, in East Port Said Port, provided that the authority begins to take the necessary measures towards this contract. dollars and provide 400 direct and indirect job opportunities.

The start of the procedures for activating the initialing contract between the authority and the Hutcheson Alliance andCusco And theCMA To construct the superstructure, manage and operate the container terminal in Sokhna Port, the project includes work in the first phase on a 1200-meter quay with an area of ​​720,000 square meters, and a second phase for a 1,400-meter-long quay with an area of ​​840,000 square meters.

Operation of the water desalination plant in Ain Sukhna next October to serve the existing projects in the industrial zone, where the production capacity of the plant is 100,000 cubic meters / day.

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