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The sun of Bahaa Taher has disappeared.. the departure of the owner of the wonderful “My Aunt Safiya and the Monastery”

The famous novelist and translator Bahaa Taher, one of the most prominent names in Egyptian literature during the past decades and the winner of prestigious literary prizes, died on Thursday at the age of 87 after a struggle with illness.

Taher, born in 1935 in Giza Governorate, is considered one of the illustrious names in fiction and fiction, as his record is rich in many publications that have been widely spread in Egypt and Arab countries for decades.

His career in translation began at the State Information Service in Egypt, before he published his first collection of short stories, entitled “The Engagement” half a century ago.

“Aunt Safiya and the Monastery”

Taher, a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Department of History in 1956 from Cairo University, issued a series of novels and story collections that influenced the Arab literary library, most notably the novel “My Aunt Safiya and the Monastery”, which was turned into a television series that achieved great success on Arab screens in the nineties.

His record abounds with many publications, most notably “Yesterday I Dreamed of You” (1984), “She Said Duha” (1985), “Love in Exile” (1995), in addition to “Sunset Oasis” for which he won in 2008 the “International Prize for Fiction” Arabic”.

State Appreciation Award

While Bahaa Taher also won a series of prestigious literary awards in his long career, including the State Appreciation Prize in Literature in 1998, and the Italian Giuseppe Acerbi Prize in 2000 for his novel “My Aunt Safiya and the Monastery”.

Translation also had a large share of Taher’s career, especially through his work as a translator for the United Nations in Geneva between 1981 and 1995.

The Minister of Culture mourns him

In a Facebook post, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Nevin Al-Kilani, expressed her “great sadness at the loss of a great writer from the great writers’ family, who gave the land of Egypt to enrich creativity and the Arab library with dozens of novels and studies.”

Following the announcement of his death, the pages of social networking sites in Egypt were filled with messages of condolences for the late writer, who was described by users as “a great human and artistic value.”

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