The surprise of the season .. 3 European clubs request the contract with “Haaland Al-Masry” after his brilliance in the Champions League

Media reports said that the young Egyptian player “Bilal Mazhar” has succeeded in snatching the spotlight in the UEFA Youth League this season, after he managed to score 6 goals so far with his Greek club Panathinaikos, which made a number of European clubs start In planning to sign with the player in the event that his Greek club has a desire to waive services during the upcoming winter transfer market.

European clubs are battling for the Egyptian Haaland

Many consider Bilal Mazhar among the most prominent young talents in the Greek league, as the player presents an impressive level with his team, the Greek club Panathinaikos during the last period, and perhaps the most prominent of them is after he starred and scored six goals with the club in the Champions League for Youth, to top the list of scorers after the goal he scored Against the Trinken team, to lead his team to qualify for the next round of the tournament.

Bilal Mazhar

According to some reports, some French and Belgian clubs have set their sights on signing Bilal Mazhar, nicknamed “Haaland Al-Masry”, due to his quality in ending chances and scoring goals in a way similar to what the Norwegian star Erling Haaland offers with his Manchester City team.

Bilal Mazhar’s position on joining the Egyptian national team

Panathinaikos player Bilal Mazhar spoke about his position on wearing the Egyptian national team shirt during the coming period, stressing that he had received an offer to represent the France youth team about two years ago, but things did not happen in the end, and he is waiting for the opportunity and the official summons in order to wear a shirt. national team as soon as possible.

Mazhar explained that his ambition is to repeat what the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, achieved with the Liverpool team in recent years, stressing that what Salah did is a reference for all Egyptian players at the present time.

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