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“The suspension of execution of the sentence and the crowds of lawyers.” What happened in the “my lawyer” case?

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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Books – Mahmoud Al-Shorbaji:

Today, Sunday, the Matrouh Appellate Misdemeanor Court decided to reserve the appeal of the six “Matruh lawyers” against their two-year imprisonment for the next February 5 session.

According to the court’s decision in Case No. 150 of 2023 Matrouh Appellate Misdemeanor and No. 444 of 2023 Matrouh Misdemeanor, it ordered the temporary suspension of the execution of the imposed sentence until the appeal is decided, and the release of the convicts unless any of them is wanted for another reason.

Hundreds of lawyers flocked

During today’s session, hundreds of lawyers or more flocked to the Matrouh Court of First Instance, in support of their imprisoned colleagues.

A committee formed by the Bar Association pleaded on behalf of their colleagues, which included members of the council, captains of subsidiary unions, and lawyers by cassation, in addition to the Council of the Matrouh Bar, headed by Abdel Halim Allam, head of the Bar Association.

Amid high security coverage inside and outside the courtroom of Matrouh – in which the appeal session is being conducted – hundreds of lawyers from the Bar Associations gathered around and inside the court in Matrouh, awaiting the decision of the Court of Appeal.

The defense seeks acquittal

The Matrouh Court of Appeal heard the pleading of Magdy Sakhi, representative of the Bar Association, in the appeal of the six Matrouh lawyers against their two-year prison sentence.

“Sakhy” requested during the session that the criminal case be ended with regard to accusations of beating and assaulting court employees, in which waiver and reconciliation may be permitted, based on the victims’ waiver and retraction of the accusations in today’s session.

The representative of the Bar Association also sought acquittal on charges of using force and bullying, due to the absence of injuries or assaults.

Jallab: The employees have changed their words

Attorney Haitham Jallab, treasurer of the Helwan Bar Association, confirmed that the verdict issued against the 6 lawyers on charges of assaulting the employees of the Marsa Matruh court is not commensurate with the negligence of the act.

Jalab said, in a live broadcast to “Masrawy”, today, Sunday, in front of the Marsa Matrouh court, that the court guards and witnesses confirmed that what happened between the lawyers and employees did not go beyond a verbal altercation.

He noted that the victims had retracted their accusations against the lawyers of assaulting them before the Morsi Matrouh Appellate Misdemeanor Court, in the appeal session against the prison sentence today.

He added that members of the syndicate came from all governorates of Egypt to support their colleagues, “None of those who came know the accused.”

Lawyer Ahmed Al-Assiouti said that the lawyer must obtain immunity during the performance of his work to preserve the right of the accused he is defending.

Al-Assiouti commented in front of the Marsa Matrouh court, in a live broadcast to “Masrawy”: “When the lawyer is arrested while he is practicing his work, how will he be able to defend his client?”

Incident details

The details of the incident took place on January 5, when a lawyer went to the secretary of one of the circuits in the Matrouh Court to ask about the agenda of the sessions and the rulings that were issued. While the lawyer was in court with his colleagues, they clashed with the employee and two others.

One of the court judges wrote a memorandum of the incident and submitted it to the Supreme Judicial Council, in which he noted that the quarrel resulted in the injury of the employees. The security services arrested the six lawyers and employees and referred them to the Public Prosecution Office, which ordered the referral of the lawyers to trial on charges of displaying force, assaulting employees and gathering, and released the three employees.

Imprisonment of lawyers

Last week, a court of first instance ruled that “Matruh lawyers” be imprisoned for two years with hard labor, on charges of assaulting 3 employees working in the Matrouh Court, and placing them under police surveillance for two years.

Lawyers strike

The matter prompted the Bar Association to declare a strike until the appeal against the verdict is considered. The union’s statement included; Work strike in criminal courts and investigation sessions in the Public Prosecution, with a call for a meeting of the General Bar Association with female sub-sectors across the Republic to consult on the escalating measures that can be taken.

The text of the statement issued by the Syndicate, signed by the President of the General Syndicate, stated: “The General Syndicate of Lawyers was keen, from the first moments of its notification of the incident of assault on Matrouh lawyers, related to the crisis, to communicate with all concerned parties to the crisis in order to deal with it wisely and objectively, according to a comprehensive investigation of the incident, including It requires the collection of anecdotal and technical evidence, especially the unloading of all cameras.

The statement added: “Despite the incomprehensible insistence on the horizon, and clear intent on imprisoning the colleagues in pretrial detention, despite the absence of justifications for pretrial detention, and the unjustified haste in referring them to trial without fulfilling the course of the investigation in the manner that deserves attainment of the truth and the desired justice, without slash or slash.”

He continued: “We say, despite that, the General Syndicate and the subsidiary unions have exercised and still are the utmost restraint, out of concern for the interest of the members of the party to the crisis and their families, and for the interest of the homeland and the country in difficult circumstances that cannot tolerate strife.”

And he continued: “However, within the framework of the integrity of the duties of the General Syndicate towards its members, and in light of the lack of a breakthrough in the crisis to date, the Council of the General Syndicate decided to suspend work and appear before criminal courts and investigations by the Public Prosecution in all parts of the Republic, as a first step, as of Thursday morning, January 19, For an indefinite period, with the commitment of all subsidiary unions to implement and follow up on this decision.

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