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The terrorist Brotherhood..the “old videos” group and the falsification of history and reality (video)

Usually, the terrorist Brotherhood has falsified facts and history. In the past, it practiced terrorism and tried to wash its hands of it and deny the established facts, and recently it opened fire on the Egyptian people through its members, decisive groups, and others.

Throughout that trip, the matter was not without blatant falsification of history and reality, the latest of which was the publication of old videos, claiming that they were for gatherings in some governorates.

The game itself I played a lot after the June revolution by republishing materials from the events of January 2011 and claiming that they are new facts. The matter was repeated after the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, to prove the research that the published videos were previously published by the same group 3 years ago.

These lies were blown up by eyewitnesses from all governorates, and the Ministry of Interior said that the allegations of the terrorist group were not true, and with the repetition of the same facts, the Egyptians became aware of the group’s tricks.

And the pioneers of the communication sites had exposed them dozens of times by discovering that they used videos from the January period or photos dating back to the summer periods, claiming that they belong to new events in the winter.

Two years ago, their big scandal was a heavy slap known as the “Nazlat al-Samman” demonstration. At that time, the terrorist group’s channels broadcast a clip that it said was of a recent demonstration in the Nazlet al-Samman area near the pyramids, before the Extra News channel revealed that it was a representative scene prepared inside one of the filming platforms.

With this position, the United Media Services Company not only dealt a severe blow to the terrorist Brotherhood, but also exposed its usual method of forgery, fabricating facts and spreading lies.

The group’s scandals are many and recur, including fabricating previous videos and attributing them to some areas, to prove that the live broadcast and the testimonies of the people are not true.

The group also previously fabricated voices and chants on old videos, using the January scenes to suggest that they are new facts, so that its last position came after the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match, a confirmation of a failed method accustomed to the terrorist group.

Evidence of its complete bankruptcy and that it no longer has any credit or credibility, and is no longer good at anything but lying and counterfeiting, so that lying has become a religion espoused by the group along with terrorism and counterfeiting has become a constitution that governs its work and stains its face stained with blood and the shame of betrayal.

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