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The text of the cassation ruling against Hassan Ratib and Alaa Hassanein in the case of the major antiquities

Circuit “B” of the Court of Cassation, headed by Counselor Muhammad Khair, ruled today, Thursday, to accept the appeals submitted against Good salary And the former parliamentarian, Alaa Hassanein, in the case of trafficking in and excavating antiquities, and financing excavations, in the case known in the media as “the major antiquities” and amending the sentences issued against them by the Cairo Criminal Court, where the cassation sentence punished the businessman Hassan Ratib with 3 years imprisonment and a fine of one million pounds, instead. From five years, Alaa Hassanein was penalized with 5 years in prison and fined one million pounds, instead of 10 years.

The verdict was issued under the chairmanship of Counselor Muhammad Khair and the membership of Mustafa Al-Sadiq, Ahmed Qazamil, Ahmed Assem and Ayman Abdel-Wahhab, and the membership of the technical office, Counselor Ahmed Mihoub, whose narration was as follows:

First: With regard to the appeal by Atef Abdel Hamid to end the litigation in the appeal by death

Second: The appeal submitted by the appellants Ahmed Abdel-Raouf, Mahmoud Ali and Mohamed El-Sayed was not accepted in form

Third: Acceptance of the appeal from the rest of the appellants in form, and in the subject matter, the appealed judgment was annulled with regard to the appellants whose appeal was not accepted in form.

Fourth: In the matter of the appeal, punishing the accused Alaa Hassanein with imprisonment for a period of 5 years and fining him one million pounds for accusing him of excavating for antiquities.

Fifth: Punishing Ezz El-Din Mohamed, Mohamed Kamel, Ahmed Abdel-Raouf, Isaac Halim, Milad Halim, Ahmed Abdel-Azim, Abdel-Azim Abdel-Karim, Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed Ali Hassan, Osama Ali Mohamed, Shaaban Morsi, Mahmoud Refaat, Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah, Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, Ahmed Sabry, Ashraf Mohamed Salah and Hassan Ali And Mohamed El-Sayed Abdel-Rahman, to imprisonment with hard labor for a period of two years, and a fine of 500,000 pounds each.

Sixth: Punishment of the accused, Hassan Ratib, with imprisonment for a period of 3 years and a fine of one million pounds for the accusations leveled against him.

Seventh: Reserving the four excavation sites until the Supreme Council of Antiquities carries out the excavation work at the expense of the convicts..

Eighth: The innocence of the two accused completed Rabie and Najah Hassanein from what was attributed to them

Ninth: The innocence of the accused, Alaa Hassanein, of the two charges of deliberately destroying movable antiquities and participating in the falsification of antiquities. His innocence also, and the defendants Ezz El-Din Muhammad and Muhammad Kamel Naji, of the charge of concealing antiquities with the intent of smuggling.

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