The thread of the crime .. “he repeated his name before his death” .. the story of a worker and his brother who killed a person in Matrouh

The Seventh Day” is presented in the “Thread of Crime” series, through which it tells stories that reveal the thread that helps the security and judiciary men to decipher the crime, reach the solution to the mystery, and identify the perpetrator, real stories on the ground, the security men remained for periods until They got to the “crime thread”.

Al-Dabaa area in Matrouh witnessed a heinous murder, where a worker killed a person using the neck of a bottle and wounded him in the neck area with a cut wound. He and his brother arrested.

The events of the case, No. 138 of 2022 Felonies of the Dabaa Police Department, date back when the security services of the Matrouh Security Security Directorate received a notification stating that the victim had died, after he was transferred to the hospital for treatment after being assaulted in the department.

Investigations of the Dabaa Police Department’s detectives revealed that, following a verbal altercation between the accused, “H.A.F.,” a worker, and the victim, “A.A.A.,” the accused assaulted the victim with a sharp object, the neck of a broken bottle, and stabbed him several times. In the chest, shoulder and back, then he called his brother, the second accused, “A.F.” Amel, who attended and accompanied him and helped him escape. After the victim was transferred to the hospital, he repeated the name of the first accused, who died. Matrouh Criminal Court, and set the next September 7 session for their trial.

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