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The trial of 7 defendants begins today in the case of the detention and torture of a Helwan pharmacist

Today, Saturday, the Cairo Criminal Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, is considering the first trial session of 7 defendants for committing the incident of detaining and torturing the victim, Walaa Saeed, to force him to divorce his second wife, which led to his falling from the balcony of his house and his death.

The Attorney General, Counselor Hamada Al-Sawy, had referred the seven defendants, who are in pretrial detention, to a criminal trial before the Criminal Court, at the conclusion of the investigations that the prosecution conducted.

The prosecution charged the seven defendants with committing crimes of displaying force and threatening them with violence (bullying) and using it against the victim, Walaa Saeed Mustafa Zayed (a pharmacist residing in Helwan), with the intent to intimidate, intimidate and harm him, and influence his will to impose power on him and force him to divorce his second wife.

Investigations showed that 6 of the defendants stormed the residence of the victim’s pharmacist, at the behest of his first wife, who is the first defendant in the case, called Rama Hamdi Abdel-Ati Rashwan (a pharmacist). .

The accusations also included that the defendants detained the victim and tortured him by documenting him, as they beat him with hands and wooden sticks, causing several injuries.

The list of evidence included testimonies given by 6 witnesses, who are the neighbors of the victim, his second wife, and his sister, who sent them via the application (WhatsApp) a distress message asking him to help him, in addition to their hearing the sounds of quarrels inside the apartment of the victim, in addition to the testimony of the forensic doctor who conducted By signing the medical examination on the body of the deceased pharmacist, as well as the testimony of the Chief of Investigations of the Helwan Police Department, whose investigations confirmed the occurrence of the assault incidents as mentioned.

The evidence against the defendants included the confessions made by 6 of them to commit assaults against the victim, by tying his hands and assaulting him, in addition to what was proven from seeing some phone text messages in which the victim was seeking help from some witnesses to help him from the assault of the accused, as well as what It was found from letters between two of the accused, which included the readiness of one of them to support the other against the victim.

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