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The weather tomorrow, Sunday: a meteorological warning … and a dominant weather phenomenon

10:34 PM

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Books – Muhammad Shaker:

Meteorology warned of the weather tomorrow, Sunday, November 19, 2022, as the seasons of the year meet in one day, so we feel a rise in temperatures during the day, cold weather at night, and wind activity at intermittent periods.

It is expected that the temperature in Cairo will be recorded tomorrow, 27 degrees Celsius during the daytime hours, and decrease during the night hours and record 17 degrees Celsius.

Tomorrow, temperatures will be recorded in the governorates of Lower Egypt and the city of Alexandria, 27 degrees during the day, and reach 18 degrees Celsius at night.

It is expected that water mist will spread during the early hours of the morning, and it will cause a decrease in morning visibility on the roads and reach fog over areas of central Sinai and the governorates of Lower Egypt and the northern coasts.

And the meteorologists advised caution and driving quietly during daylight hours, due to the spread of water mist that obscures vision until eight in the morning, and leaving safe distances between cars to prevent accidents and turning on car lights.

Warm autumnal weather prevails in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northwestern coasts and the south of the country, and the weather tends to be cold during the night hours, and very cold in central Sinai and the heights of South Sinai.

And the meteorologists warned of a drop in temperatures during the night hours, and called on citizens to wear heavy clothes during the late hours of the night and early morning.

Expected temperatures for tomorrow, Sunday:

Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt 27- 17

Southern Upper Egypt 27-18

North Upper Egypt 14-27

Northern Coasts 27-18

South Sinai 31- 20

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