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The weather tomorrow, Tuesday: a new warning of meteorology.. and the temperature is less than

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Monday 09 January 2023


Dr. Manar Ghanem, a member of the Media Center of the Meteorological Authority, revealed the weather condition tomorrow, Tuesday, January 10, 2023, as the conditions witness a state of instability in weather conditions, as a result of the continued vulnerability to the extension of an air depression on the surface of the Mediterranean, with moist northern air masses coming from the sea. Average, as well as a slight drop in temperature by about one to two degrees.

Ghanem said in televised statements today that the depression will greatly affect the eastern regions of the Arab Republic of Egypt, especially the northeastern coasts, stressing that the chances of rain today are less than Sunday.

The Meteorological Authority also warned, in its statement issued today regarding the weather tomorrow, Tuesday, of the formation of water clouds in the early morning on some roads leading to and from Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, which may be dense on the northern coasts, the Canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

The authority stated that the weather tomorrow will witness cold weather in the early morning, pleasant during the day in the north of the country to the north of Upper Egypt, and moderate temperature in the south, cold at night in most parts.

As for the places where the rain falls, the meteorologists revealed that there are chances of light rain falling on areas of the northwestern coasts and the Red Sea mountain ranges, in addition to the presence of wind activity on areas of the northwest coasts at intermittent periods.

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