These things your iPhone camera might reveal via Visual Look Up

Apple added a new feature called Visual Look Up last year in iOS 15, which allows the feature to recognize objects, places, animals, and even plants in photos taken by the user.

The feature was significantly upgraded in iOS 16 to identify a much larger group of creatures and creatures.

“Visual search adds the ability to identify birds, insects, spiders, and gnomes in your photos,” Apple explains.

The feature uses machine learning to give you information about what you’re looking for.

But to get the latest version, you will need to upgrade to iOS 16.

To do this, go to Settings, then General, then Software Update.

To use visual search you will first need to take a picture of something recognizable.

If you want to test it out, try getting a picture of a spider from the internet – or take a picture in your house or garden if you prefer.

Then open the image in your Photos app and look down.

If successful, the little “i” icon should have two small stars in the upper left corner.

This means that visual search is available for the image.

Swipe up on the image or tap the icon to participate in the visual search.

Click the icon at the top of the image information window to read more about the topic.

If you have cut a spider you should see a reading of this genre.

This will usually take you to a Wikipedia page to see if you have a common house spider – or something more exotic, perhaps even dangerous.

Of course you shouldn’t rely entirely on visual search.

After all it’s just an educated guess – so there’s a chance that Visual Look Up might get it wrong.

Your chances are always better if the picture is big, clear and bright.

But remember that visual search works on much more than spiders.

You can use it to identify people, places, animals, flowers and other plants, birds, insects, spiders, and statues.

So search some of your favorite photos and see if visual search is available.

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