“They harass a 75-year-old woman.” Wafaa Salem raises controversy with a video

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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Cairo- Masrawy:

The actress Wafaa Salem returned again to talk about the issue of harassment, and the situations that many women suffer from in the different stages of their lives, leaving an impact on their souls, no matter how many years have passed, and no matter how old they are.

And in a new video she posted on her official channel on YouTube, she said, “I speak to you, and I am very happy. There are calls that came to me from all over the Arab world. There is no Arab country except that I receive calls from it. The topic that I raised in the last episode is controversial. There is no woman who watched the episode without feeling an echo.” Inside her, because women are subjected to harassment at all stages of her life: a child, a teenager, a young woman, and an old woman. I have a 75-year-old woman who told me with regret that I would go to get vegetables and they would harass me, and I don’t know how they could get a heart to do that.

And she added, “I say to my dear ones who live in the towers of psychological peace, who feel that I am not saying true words, and that I am saying scandals about my family. I said some relatives, not all of them, and then I did not mention the word harassment. I said psychological harm and pain that never goes away. The past does not die, but is resurrected.” Many women said that I am their voice, and I raised my voice and said what was in my heart, when I made a video I sold it to my beloved and sisters.

Wafaa indicated that she sent the video to her sister Tima in America, following up, “As I heard her voice of encouragement from California, as for my sister in Aleppo, the electricity remains cut off, and they work on the generator, when the light is cut off, I find it ringing and I understood that there is a basic need. Chile, I asked her if what I said didn’t happen to you when you were young. She told me it happened, but we can’t expose our relatives.

In response to some questions about the reason why he mentioned something that happened many years ago, she said, “There are people who tell me what you think now. I want to talk about the black file, why do I discuss this issue? It is a global issue, but the black file was raised for harassment in Hollywood when Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, and stars They spoke a lot and wore black at the Golden Globes, protesting and protesting against the harassers, and that they were being harassed, my beloved.

And she concluded, “I want to launch a campaign, and I am also a cry against harassment, because it is harmful throughout life.”

The Mu’tazila artist, Wafaa Salem, told the story of being harassed as a child.

Wafaa said, in her YouTube video: “When I was young, I used to love to sit under the dining table, and I used to find them all sitting on chairs, and I am sitting in this place, not changing, and everyone is eating, and I used to hear the sound of suits, dishes, forks, knives, and the smell of food, while I am in this world.” Sincerely again, and I was separating with myself as soon as I heard the beginning of the dialogues.. My world has no invitation to the world above.”

And she continued: “They used to consider me their Siamese cat that they played with, and when they hugged me, I kept wanting to tease them, unable and unbearable because of my skinny body, and when they were kissing me, I was forced to wipe the kiss from my cheek, and they were asking me why you wiped the kiss .. You don’t love us?” And I was eclipsed and said no.”

And she continued: “Their post was prickling me, prickling my cheeks, and smelling themselves with cigarettes. It bothered me, and I wanted to escape from all this world.

And she explained: “In the beginning, I did not understand, and I was reluctant to speak, and now all this is a tape that passes and wraps in my brain and I have never forgotten it. It’s like this until recently, and they enter me from the entrances, you are the girl of my dreams, you are all femininity and beauty, you are not attained, and all of this was an entrance in order to reach a need, I am not able to pronounce it or say it.

And she added: “Not very recently, he used to tell me that my aunt was standing over you, and I wanted to look at you from afar because I admired you for a long time, and I will talk to you, and this is all a great pain inside me, and this was among the reasons that I walked, and there are still conversations and stories that you will hear.” “.

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