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They threw him from the balcony because of his wife.. Referring the killers of an Egyptian pharmacist to the felonies

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor ordered the referral of the killers of the pharmacist, Walaa Saeed, whoHis wife’s family threw him from the floor Fifth to felonies.

The Public Prosecutor decided to refer seven defendants, all of whom are imprisoned, to the competent criminal court to punish them on charges of displaying force and threatening violence and using it against Walaa Saeed (the pharmacist residing in Helwan) with the intent of intimidating, intimidating and harming him, and influencing his will to impose power on him and force him to divorce his second wife.

The Public Prosecution Office stated that the accused They stormed the pharmacist’s house at the behest of his wifeShe is the first accused, and they threatened him and terrorized him, disturbed his security, safety and tranquility, endangered his life and safety, and violated his personal freedom, in addition to accusing them of detaining the victim, torturing him, documenting him, and assaulting him by beating him with hands and wooden sticks, causing several injuries.

The prosecution established evidence against the defendants from the testimony of eight witnesses and the statements of six defendants, as well as what was proven by looking at some phone text messages in which the victim was calling for help from some witnesses to help him from the defendants’ infringement on him, as well as what transpired from messages between two of the defendants that included One of them prepared to support the other against the victim and torture him and hit him.

The murdered pharmacist Walaa and his son

The heinous crime had preoccupied the Egyptians on social media, where the pharmacist was killed after being thrown from the balcony of his house in Cairo by his wife and her family.

The crime sparked a wide state of anger among the pioneers of the communication sites, demanding the right of the victim and the punishment of the perpetrators, especially since he was working outside the country and returned to Egypt for vacation.

On her part, Mrs. Amal Al-Esawy, the pharmacist’s mother, said: She called the property keeper who Her son resides in it in order to save him after his sister received a distress call from him, and he told her in it: “Catch up with your son, his apartment’s salon is full of thugs”, then the connection was cut off.

She added, during an interview on “Cairo and the People” channel, that a neighbor told her that he heard her daughter-in-law and her family beating him, and then they played music loudly and then threw him from the balcony in the street. She added that the property guard called her again and told her that his wife’s family had already thrown her son from the balcony.

The mother revealed that the incident began when the family of her son-in-law brought a group of thugs and forced him to sign several papers after they learned of his desire to marry another.

She said that she was behind persuading her son to return his wife to him after he divorced her, noting that she did so out of concern for her son’s future, but she now regrets it.

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