This is how YouTube makes educational content more accessible and interactive

Google-owned YouTube introduces new products that will allow learners to explore topics they care about and creators to provide structured educational content. The platform is announcing updates to make educational content more accessible and interactive for learners while helping content creators thrive on YouTube.

“To improve the YouTube experience in educational environments, we are launching YouTube Player for Education – a new embedded YouTube player that displays content on commonly used educational apps without distractions such as ads, external links or recommendations,” Jonathan Katzman, Director of Product Management, YouTube Learning, said in a post. “.

YouTube, to start, said it is partnering with US-based education technology companies, including EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Purdue Global, and YouTube Player for Education will also improve the existing YouTube player embedded in Google Classroom for a better YouTube experience.

“Next year, eligible creators can start offering free or paid courses to provide viewers with in-depth, structured learning experiences,” the platform said, adding, “Viewers who choose to purchase a course can watch the video without ads and play it in the background. The courses will first arrive in the states. The United States and South Korea are in a beta phase before expanding to more countries.”

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