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Those who have the right to reserve.. Housing introduces a new phase of housing apartments

Those who have the right to reserve.. Housing introduces a new phase of housing apartments

09:40 PM

Sunday 13 November 2022

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

The Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund has launched a supplementary phase of medium housing apartments (Sakan Misr – Dar Misr – Jannah).

The fund clarified that the conditions brochure, specifications and locations of the apartments can be viewed until Sunday, November 13, whereby submission and reservations can be made on the reservation website. Press here.

According to the conditions booklet and the letters of the Social Housing and Real Estate Finance Support Fund, the reservation in the supplementary stage is for those who have previously paid the registration fees and submitted only the seriousness of the reservation and did not withdraw this advance.

In a text message, the fund demanded that those who paid the advances for unit reservations view the conditions brochure and the data of the housing units offered at the completion stage, as well as to register the application data and upload the documents (in case of not registering in advance).

Booking dates:

The Fund confirmed that specific days have been set for reservations in each project, as electronic reservation begins with precedence on Monday, 14/11, for Egypt’s housing apartments only.

While the reservation of Dar Misr apartments will be on Tuesday 15/11/2022, while the Jannah project will be booked on Wednesday 16/11/2022.

The Social Housing Fund indicated that Thursday, 11/17 will be set for reservations in the remaining apartments in the three projects, where reservations will take precedence, on the website.

The apartments of Sakan Misr are located in the cities of New October – New Obour – Al Shorouk – Nasser West Assiut – October Gardens – New Minya City – and New Cairo City.

Dar Misr apartments are located in 5 cities, they are October Gardens, May 15th, 10th of Ramadan, Sadat and Badr City.

Jannah apartments are located in 3 new cities: 6th of October, El Shorouk City and New Cairo City.

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