Three juniors were promoted to participate in the first team training in Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly morning training, which was held this Friday morning, witnessed the escalation of 3 players from the youth sector, namely Adham Mohamed, goalkeeper born in 2003, and Islam Abdullah and Hamdi Musa, born in 2003 to participate in the training after five players from the team were summoned to participate in the camp of the Olympic team, which is currently held. They are Hamza Alaa, Raafat Khalil, Mohamed Ashraf, Mohamed Maghribi and Mostafa Saad, the newly joined team.

Al-Ahly trained this morning, Friday, at Mukhtar Al-Teach Stadium on the island, as part of the team’s preparations for the new season, and today’s training witnessed the participation of Muhammad Magdy Afsha and Muhammad Sharif in group exercises gradually, and Dr. Ahmed Abu Abla, head of the medical apparatus, confirmed that it was decided to grant Afsha and Sharif a period Increase in training and gradually until participating naturally according to the condition of each.

Afsha is undergoing a rehabilitation program after performing a hernia in the abdominal wall in a hospital in 6th of October City, while Mohamed Sharif implemented a rehabilitation program after suffering an injury to the connective muscle, and the player’s condition has improved dramatically.

Al-Ahly returned to training in two periods, this morning and evening, Friday, after yesterday’s training took place on one evening period.

Al-Ahly trained yesterday evening at the Touch Stadium in preparation for the new season. The full-day system will be implemented in training starting next Sunday.

Al-Ahly will play three friendly matches during the preparation period, starting with the match against Petrojet on September 21, in preparation for the new season, which begins in the 32nd round of the African Champions League against the winner from the Tunisian Union of Monastir and the Rwandan army.

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