Tomorrow.. the strongest real estate supplement in the Middle East on the pages of the seventh day

Read on the pages of “The Seventh Day” Tomorrow is the strongest real estate supplement, on the occasion of the launch of the Cityscape exhibition, and the supplement monitors the future of the real estate sector in Egypt, the challenges facing the sector in 2022, and the most prominent real estate companies expected to exit the market due to solvency and their inability to comply with the needs of clients.

Despite all the challenges faced by the real estate sector since late 2018 until now, it is the only sector that has achieved a high growth rate compared to the rest of the other economic sectors, and it still represents the locomotive of the Egyptian economy. 2022, and the number of companies expected to exit the Egyptian real estate market due to solvency and their inability to meet the needs and demands of customers, as well as the sales target rates during 2022, and the alternatives they resort to, these companies to compensate for real estate exhibitions that were postponed due to the Corona virus, as well as investments It is expected to be pumped over the next year.

In this issue, we monitor the future plans of real estate developers and their vision for 2022, and the most prominent projects to be announced during the next year, as well as plans to deliver projects.

The developers expect that the year 2023 will bring incentives for local and foreign investment in the real estate sector in Egypt, thanks to the economic reforms and the positive growth recorded by the sector.

The participants in the exhibition stressed that the administrative capital and national projects are a major reason for the economic renaissance that Egypt is witnessing in the current period, especially after President El-Sisi assumed the rule of the country, and launched the start of implementing national projects, especially the administrative capital and fourth-generation cities.

The participants in the Cityscape Egypt exhibition expressed their optimism about the recovery of the real estate market in the country, with positive expectations of good results next year.

In this issue, you read the plans of the major Egyptian and Arab companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and the most prominent investments to be pumped during the coming period.

The developers confirmed that the Egyptian real estate market is the best in the region, and it still enjoys more investment opportunities, especially after its success in overcoming the economic repercussions resulting from the spread of the Corona virus pandemic.

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