Top 7 questions about registering with the pre-registration platform for shipments

The Egyptian Customs Authority is heading to oblige importers, customs brokers and air freight agents to register with the ACI pre-registration system for shipments through the electronic portal of the “Wifeh” platform, starting from the first of October 2022, and “The Seventh Day” presents the most prominent 7 common questions about the new system.

1- Who uploads the policy bearing the ACID number to the window of the shipping agency, or the exporter or the importer?

c- The foreign exporter uploads the shipment documents through the BlockChain CargoX platform.

2- What if the foreign exporter does not upload the electronic invoice and is satisfied with the paper invoice and the data listed by the Egyptian importer?

C- In accordance with Minister of Finance Resolution No. 222 of 2021, the foreign exporter sends shipment data and documents electronically to an effective platform through the BlockChain CargoX platform.

3- Is the registration number of the foreign exporter, his tax registration number or his registration number on the BlockChain CargoX platform?

C- The registration number of the foreign exporter is the tax number or the commercial registration number.

4- Does the window system dispense with the original documents?

C- In accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 490 of 2021, shipment documents (commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading electronically, which are contained in accordance with the system of pre-registration of shipments within the customs release documents in a 46 km book, are accepted as long as the importer or his agent has approved them as shipment documents using the electronic signature Customs release procedures are carried out according to the certificate of origin received electronically, provided that the paper original of this certificate is submitted before the final customs release.

5- What are the procedures taken with the increase of the goods not mentioned in the commercial invoice upon their arrival at the port of import?

C- Customs Law No. 207 of 2020 regarding deficit or excess is applied.

6- Who lists personal shipments?

C- Personal baggage shipments are not excluded, and the Egyptian shipping agent – who handles the shipment of personal baggage message from abroad to inside the country – obtains the shipment identification number ACID by registering the name of the actual importer of the shipment and his national number if the shipment is for an Egyptian importer or registering the passport number If the actual importer is a foreigner as he registers the item/personal baggage.

7- Who lists the shipments coming to the ministries?

C- The person who lists the shipments coming to the ministries or government agencies is the agency’s representative or an extract that is authorized electronically.

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