Tourism and Antiquities hosts a delegation of senior tourist agents and writers in Ireland

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, represented by the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, will host an introductory trip for a delegation of 17 senior tourism agents and tourist writers in the major newspapers specialized in tourism and travel in the Irish market of Sharm El Sheikh and Cairo, in order to introduce them to the various tourist and archaeological components of the Egyptian tourist destination.

For his part, Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Activation, explained that this tariff trip comes within the framework of the ministry’s keenness to promote the Egyptian tourist destination in the various tourist markets, in addition to diversifying the exporting tourism markets to it, which contributes to attracting more tourist traffic to the tourist destination. Egyptian.

Dr. Islam Nabil, director of the office of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourist Activation in South Sinai, indicated that the delegation began this introductory trip by visiting the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, where the office of the authority organized a cruise for the delegation, during which they visited Ras Mohammed and the White Island. They also enjoyed diving and watching coral reefs and colorful and rare fish. The members of the delegation were also provided with the tourist information that the tourist needs while carrying out such a tourist activity. The ancient and the cathedral of the celestials and the icon of peace, which symbolizes the city of peace.

He added that during their visit to the city, the members of the delegation expressed their admiration for what they saw during the visit, describing the city as wonderful and more beautiful than what they heard about it from their colleagues and that it is a city of irresistible charm, and some of them have already planned to return again to spend their vacations with their families, and the delegation also praised the equipment and preparations Which takes place in Sharm El-Sheikh to host the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change “Cop27” during the month of November.

The delegation is scheduled to complete its introductory visit by visiting many tourist and archaeological sites in Cairo.

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