“Tourism” is coordinating with the companies implementing the programs of the delegations participating in the COP 27 conference

In light of the follow-up to the tourism preparations and preparations for Egypt’s hosting of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change “COP 27”, which will launch its activities in a few days in Sharm El Sheikh, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is keen to follow up and coordinate continuously and periodically with tourism companies that will implement tourism programs for delegations Participation in the conference.

Samia Sami, head of the central administration of tourism companies in the ministry, held a meeting with representatives of these companies, in the presence of representatives from the Chamber of Travel and Tourism Companies and Agencies, during which she stressed the importance of the role assigned to these companies, especially in highlighting the quality of tourism services provided in the Egyptian tourist destination and the efficiency of the performance of Egyptian tourism companies, to Besides being an important factor in the success of the implementation of tourism programs for the participants in the conference, which contributes to enriching their tourism experience while they are in Egypt.

This meeting witnessed the signing of a cooperation protocol with these tourism companies, and a review of the most prominent advantages that will be provided to these companies within the framework of this protocol, which will have a role in facilitating the performance of their tasks professionally, efficiently and effectively, as information offices will be allocated for them in each of Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. The green zone in the conference center and the hotels where the conference delegates will stay, enabling these companies to promote and sell tourism programs and optional trips.

It was also pointed out that in accordance with this signed protocol, there are obligations on these companies to implement tourism programs and optional trips in a manner that guarantees the highest possible quality and in a manner befitting the reputation of the Egyptian tourist destination and Egypt’s tourist status.

It is worth noting that an electronic link has been launched to book the conference’s tourism programs on the official website of the conference and the conference mobile application in order to provide distinguished services to the participants.

Work is also underway to promote these tourism programs on the social networking sites of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourist Activation Experience Egypt.

During the meeting, Samia Sami clarified that within the framework of the ministry’s oversight role and to ensure the preservation of the reputation of the Egyptian tourist destination, committees from the ministry will be dispatched to follow up the work of these tourism companies during the conference activities and evaluate the performance of their implementation of tourism programs and optional trips, as well as survey participants’ opinions and impressions about those Programs and optional excursions, which they will pass on to their friends and families upon their return to their country.

Emphasis was also placed on dealing with the diving centers that obtained the green fins certificate to ensure the application of sustainable tourism standards.

It is worth noting that the selection of these companies came in accordance with precise criteria set by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in coordination with the Chamber of Companies and Travel and Tourism Agencies. These companies were selected from among the best tourism companies executing tourism programs in Egypt, according to specific criteria in terms of the business volume of each company in Egypt. And the presence of its branches in Sharm El-Sheikh, for which no penalties or violations have been applied, and that it attracts the largest numbers of incoming tourism, in addition to having a number of decent tourist vehicles, in order to ensure the implementation of tourism programs in an honorable manner befitting Egypt’s tourism status.

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