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Transportation: Operation of the express train and the fourth subway line 2024

Engineer Kamel Al-Wazir, Minister of Transport, confirmed that by 2024, the monorail and the electric light rail will be fully operational, and the stations of the third metro line will be completed and fully operational, and the fourth subway line will start operating, and the rapid electric train will start operating.

The length of the first line of the electric express train (Ain Sokhna – El Alamein – Matrouh – Fayoum), is 660 km, and includes 22 stations, and that the design speed of the train is 250 km / h, and it will transport one million passengers / day and 8500 tons of goods / day and will contribute to linking the administrative capital The new and new cities will have a railway network to transport passengers and goods through a fast, modern and safe means of transportation, as it will start from Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea coast to the new city of Alamein, passing through the new administrative capital, the 6th of October city and the city of Burj Al Arab.

and system high speed electric train It will cover all parts of the Republic, besides being development arteries serving the new and existing urban and industrial areas. It will contribute to reducing and shortening the travel time between governorates to more than half the time that the citizen currently takes, whether through the old train network or through the current roads linking the governorates, and it also serves the transportation of goods between the governorates. Ports and governorates, and shortens the time period for transporting these goods.

The fourth line (the pyramid line) is being implemented with a length of 42 km and a number of 38 stations, and it achieves the connection between Cairo, Giza and the 6th of October city, as it extends from the borders of the 6th of October city, passing through the Grand Egyptian Museum, then the shooting range, then the Haram Street until the Giza station to intersect with the second metro line, then It extends to intersect with the first metro line at Al-Malik Al-Saleh station, then extends to Al-Fustat station to intersect with the sixth line, then to Salah Salem Street, then Al-Nasr Road repeatedly in Nasr City, ending at the central station for mass transportation.

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