“Transportation”: Reducing electric train tickets by 40% and subscriptions by 50% from next Saturday

The Ministry of Transport, represented by the National Authority for Tunnels, announced in a statement issued today that, starting from Saturday 17/9/2022, it was decided to issue subscriptions reduced by 50% for all users of the electric light rail. LR (Adly Mansour / Administrative Capital), and a reduction in the value of tickets by 30-40%, until moving to the New Administrative Capital.

These reductions come in light of the approaching start of the new academic year, and the preparations of the various ministries to move to the new administrative capital, and to serve train users who live in the new cities / east Cairo.

It is worth noting that the project light rail LR It is 105 km long and has 19 stations. The first and second phases were opened on 3/7/2022 with a length of 70 km and 12 stations. The third phase is 20 km long and 4 stations, and the fourth phase is 16 km long and 3 stations, and includes 22 trains. A new air conditioner, each of which consists of 6 cars, that provides the highest levels of service to the public of passengers.

In another context, the Internal and International Land Transport Authority of the Ministry of Transport provided a transportation service in mini buses (natural gas) bearing the logo of the electric light train. LR To facilitate the movement of citizens from the cities of east Cairo to the stations of the light rail LR And vice versa, starting from Saturday, corresponding to 9/17/2022, provided that the service is provided free of charge in these minibuses for a period of two weeks to citizens, and the tariff set for transportation in minibuses will be applied after this period (two weeks). new school.

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