Tuition fees.. 4 private payments and 3 official payments (know details)

A few days and the new academic year begins, 2022, 2023, and in the following report, we provide the most important information about the expenses of public government schools, languages, and private and international schools.

The collection of the first installment of this September from private and international school students begins, and the guardian pays the installments in 4 installments.

International schools: Not collecting any amounts in excess of the school’s planned expenses, only 7%.

As for private schools, they must adhere to the segment prescribed for the increase in accordance with Ministerial Resolution 350 of 2018.

The increase is 25% annually for schools in which tuition fees reach less than 2000 pounds, and 20% annually for schools where educational expenses range from 2000 pounds to less than 3000 pounds.

15% annually for schools where tuition fees range from 3000 pounds to less than 5000 pounds.

As for schools where educational expenses start from 5,000 pounds, to less than 10,000 pounds, the increase is only 10%.

The increase rate reached 7% annually for schools in which education expenses amounted to 10,000 or more.

Public schools get their fees in 3 installments.

– 305 pounds for grades from kindergarten to fifth primary.

– 205 pounds for grades from the sixth primary to the third preparatory.

520 pounds for the first year of secondary school.

– 505 pounds from the second grade to the third year of secondary school.

– 220 pounds for the first technical secondary grade of all types and systems (3-5 years).

– 205 pounds for the rest of the technical secondary education classes of all types and systems (3-5 years).

A 50% reduction in tuition fees for the children of education workers.

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