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Turkey has narrowed and Vietnam has expanded.. a new incitement by my brothers against Egypt

After Turkey continued to detain media professionals and Brotherhood-affiliated elements who incite violence and chaos in Egypt on Friday, in what they described as the 11-11 movement, and Ankara’s directives to prevent the group’s activities and stop incitement against Cairo, the group decided to resort to new methods and means.

I decidedBrotherhoodLaunching the broadcast of its new satellite “Freedom 11-11” from Vietnam, and directed its activists and members to send the satellite’s frequency to all its affiliated committees in Egypt and follow them up to receive data and instructions on a timely basis.

Starting violence and confronting the police

It also directed to follow up on the group’s platforms and accounts that it recently launched through social media to incite, determine the date for the start of demonstrations and marches, and receive orders to start violence and confront the Egyptian police, as well as instructions to withdraw in the event that the security forces succeed in surrounding and confronting the marches and arresting some elements.

The group also called, through a statement to the movement signed by one of its members, called Taher Al-Sharqawi, the ultras (fans of sports teams) to move and participate, describing them as organized and effective entities, and inciting them to “revenge against the authorities,” as it put it.

new apps

and issuedBrotherhoodNew applications on mobile phones to follow up on the various platforms calling for movement in the event of stopping the broadcast of the Vietnam satellite for any reason, or disrupting it or stopping it for technical reasons, and directed to intensify the instructions and follow up their implementation, and to send developments on the ground first-hand on the community’s platforms and groups on the Telegram website.

This comes after the Turkish authorities decided to detain, interrogate and include members of the group on the “terror codes”, after repeating their call for incitement against Egypt and calling for this movement tomorrow.

The Turkish security services also launched extensive campaigns during the past few days, during which they detained a number of Brotherhood members, and re-arrested the journalist Hossam Al-Ghamry and others, and took them to security headquarters, and is still detaining and interrogating them after inviting them through their pages on the communication sites to cause chaos in Egypt, and spread rumors against the devices. Egyptian security.


The group’s members, along with opposition leader Ayman Nour, had promoted chaos by launching new rumors to strike Egypt and shake confidence in the political and sovereign institutions, as they claimed the existence of resignations from the security services.

The Turkish authorities had also previously placed a number of broadcasters on Brotherhood satellite channels in Istanbul and leaders affiliated with the group on the same terrorist codes, including the artist Hisham Abdullah and a Brotherhood leader who worked in the office of the late Brotherhood Youssef al-Qaradawi, and demanded them to stop incitement against Egypt. It also prevented the appearance of the Brotherhood broadcaster Haitham Abu Khalil on Al-Sharq channel, and decided to stop the programs of 4 of the Brotherhood’s broadcasters, namely Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasser, Hamza Zoba’ and the artist Hisham Abdullah, which forced some of them to leave Turkey, such as Matar, who went to the British capital London, and assumed a new satellite leadership. It is affiliated with the Brotherhood called “Al-Shu`ab”, and it continues to incite against Egypt.

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