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Turkey includes Muslim Brotherhood broadcasters who incited against Egypt on terrorism lists

The Turkish authorities decided to include a number of broadcasters and journalists belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood residing on its lands in the terrorist lists, after it was proven that they were involved in incitement against Egypt.

The Turkish authorities included the Muslim Brotherhood broadcasters and journalists under the code G-87 as terrorism and a threat to public security on the lists of international terrorism, while informing them that they are wanted by Egypt for belonging to a terrorist group.

Public safety risk

Under this code, according to Turkish law, persons who pose a danger in terms of public safety are included under this code, according to which the authorities impose severe restrictions on their activities, movements and movements.

Meanwhile, sources told that among the elements that were included under this Egyptian media code was Hossam Al-Ghamry, who works for Al-Sharq channel, in addition to others, including a journalist and poet named Muhammad Ibrahim, and the wife of an Egyptian dissident residing in Turkey, as well as producers and technicians who were working in satellite channels. congregation in Istanbul.

These developments came after the Turkish authorities arrested a number of Brotherhood members and broadcasters residing on its territory on Friday morning, after it was proven that they cooperated with two new satellite channels launched by the group to incite chaos in Egypt and their willingness to launch a third satellite channel on the Telegram application. sources confirmed that the Turkish authorities detained about 34 Brotherhood members, including those who run accounts and pages on communication sites that incite against Egypt and mobilize chaos inside the country, noting that the number that was stopped is the largest and warns that another decision will be taken to deport them from the country. Turkish territory. also learned that the detainees affiliated with the group were preparing to launch a third satellite channel affiliated with it by launching it on the Telegram application.

Turkish instructions

It is noteworthy that the Turkish authorities had decided, within the framework of their efforts to rapprochement with Cairo, and to prevent the Brotherhood’s attempts to criticize the Egyptian authorities, to stop the “Vision” program on the “Al-Sharq” satellite channel, presented by Hossam Al-Ghamry, and to prevent it from appearing again on screens or media platforms from Istanbul, for not complying with Ankara’s instructions. Ban criticism of Egypt and its officials.

Al-Ghamry criticized the Egyptian authorities against the background of the death of Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, Minister of Defense and former head of the Military Council of Egypt.

In March of last year, the Turkish authorities requested restricting the Brotherhood’s satellite channels, which broadcast from Istanbul, and prevented their criticism of Egypt, and also prevented the appearance of Brotherhood media and broadcaster Haitham Abu Khalil.

It also suspended the programs of 4 of the Brotherhood’s broadcasters, Moataz Matar, Mohamed Nasser, Hamza Zobaa and artist Hisham Abdullah, and warned them not to violate its instructions.

It is noteworthy that Turkey announced in March of last year the resumption of its diplomatic contacts with Egypt, and directed Brotherhood media outlets operating on its soil to stop activity.

On May 5 and 6 of the year 2021, a Turkish delegation headed by Deputy Foreign Minister, Sadat Unal, headed to Cairo in the first visit of its kind since 2013, and held talks with Egyptian officials led by Deputy Foreign Minister Hamdi Sanad Loza to discuss rapprochement and the return of relations.

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