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Turkey releases Brotherhood media workers.. They went out and continued incitement and rumors against Egypt

After holding them for days, interrogating them, and listing them on terrorism codes, the Turkish authorities released a number of Brotherhood mediaAnd after they left, they did not abide and continued the escalation and incitement against Egypt, calling for demonstrations and chaos on November 11, and spreading rumors and lies.

Crowd for demonstrations and chaos

The authorities released the journalist, Hossam Al-Ghamry, who had been arrested since Friday, and included him on Cody Terror G102 and G87 As soon as he left, the Brotherhood’s satellite channels in Istanbul and London caught him and made interventions with him in which he attacked Egypt and the Egyptian authorities, and he continued his call to mobilize for demonstrations and chaos.

The released journalist revealed that Saif Abdel Fattah, the Brotherhood leader and former advisor to Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, intervened with the Turkish authorities to release him, adding that he went out to complete his role in the mobilization for the Friday, November 11 demonstrations.

The journalist did not wait long, as he immediately and through his pages on the communication sites began incitement against Egypt and calling for spreading chaos and explaining how to go out to demonstrations and use certain alarm machines to gather and start gatherings with the aim of confusing the security services and preventing them from dispersing them.

Ayman Nour

Rumors and lies against Egypt

Despite the Turkish instructions to restrict the Brotherhood’s media activities and prevent the broadcast of criticism against Egypt from Istanbul satellite channels, information revealed that the group, in cooperation with Ayman Nour, the opposition leader residing in Turkey and the owner of “Al Sharq” TV channel, continues to coordinate and plan the November 11 demonstrations, by creating rumors and lies against the regime. Al-Masry and its extensive promotion through the pages and accounts of the group and its elements on the new communication sites and satellite channels launched by the Brotherhood, such as “Al-Shou’ob” and “Freedom 11-11”, including a rumor launched by Nour about the alleged role of an Algerian woman working in the field of money laundering and money transfer for the account of parties in Egypt, according to Tweet him on Twitter.

According to the information, Nour and the Brotherhood agreed to intensify exploiting the rise in the price of the dollar and the subsequent rise in commodity prices to spread rumors about the regime and mobilize against it, and to exploit the security services’ preoccupation with securing the Climate Summit, which will be held a few days later in Sharm El-Sheikh, to produce large demonstrations that cause embarrassment to the government. in front of its guests and allows chaos that may lead to the downfall of the regime, according to their claim.

The Turkish authorities had launched campaigns to arrest and detain members of the Muslim Brotherhood and listing them under the G102 and G87 terrorism codes The campaigns included journalists and media professionals working for the group’s satellite channels.

The Turkish security services launched raids on the residences of Brotherhood members and broadcasters in the Shirin Evlar and Basaksehir areas in Istanbul, and arrested dozens of them and took them for interrogation after it was proven that they were involved in exploiting their accounts on social media to call for demonstrations in Egypt.

Members of the Brotherhood and terrorist codes

And the Turkish authorities had previously placed a number of broadcasters on Brotherhood satellite channels in Istanbul and leaders affiliated with the group on the same terrorist codes, including the artist Hisham Abdullah and a Brotherhood leader who worked in the office of the late Brotherhood preacher Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and demanded them to stop incitement against Egypt.

In March of last year, the Turkish authorities requested restricting the Brotherhood’s satellite channels, which broadcast from Istanbul, and preventing their criticism of Egypt. It also prevented the appearance of Brotherhood media and broadcaster Haitham Abu Khalil, and decided to stop the programs of 4 Brotherhood broadcasters, Moataz Matar, Muhammad Nasser, Hamza Zoba and artist Hisham Abdullah, and warned them of violating her instructions.

Moataz Matar

Moataz Matar

Turkey announced in March of last year the resumption of its diplomatic contacts with Egypt, and directed the Muslim Brotherhood media operating on its soil to soften the tone towards Cairo, in preparation for rapprochement and normalization of relations.

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