Twitch Bans Major Gambling Sites In October

Twitch announced a major change in its policy amid growing concerns about the presence of gambling streams on the platform. Twitch said on Twitter that it would ban broadcasts of gambling sites containing unlicensed gambling, roulette and dice games in the US and other regions that “provide adequate consumer protection.” The change will take effect. Policy on October 18, and Twitch has promised to release full policy language and more details before that date.

The list of banned sites includes some of the most popular sites, including Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits and Roobet, which is no surprise as a lot of streams can be found on Twitch with gambling content from those domains, according to Engadget.

Twitch says it “may limit others” from now on, so the list of blocked sites will likely grow for a while longer. The website will continue to allow websites that focus on certain types of gambling content, including sports betting, fantasy sports and poker.

Twitch issued the statement after some of the platform’s most popular streaming players, including Pokimane and DevinNash, threatened to boycott it this Christmas week if it didn’t ban and sponsor gambling streams.

They came together in response to an operator’s admission that he cheated followers and co-workers out of nearly $200,000 into fueling his addiction to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

As Kotaku explains, CS:GO features weapon shapes that have real monetary value, and gambling sites use them as casino chips. The revelation has re-opened the discussion of gambling streams on Twitch significantly, with people suggesting that they could lead to deceptive behavior by streamers and could harm users Young site.

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