Twitter begins testing paid account verification on iOS

Twitter has started rolling out support for the new, more expensive version of a subscription blue Its own, as of Saturday, reflects the app iOS The company now has the fact that users can soon pay $8 per month for a verified account, and the changelog indicates that people who signed up for blue twitter They will receive a check mark, such as the celebrities, companies, and politicians you already follow.

However, Twitter is still rolling out necessary background changes to support the change more broadly, after reports that users did not see a blue check mark on their accounts even after signing up for the new subscription. Esther Crawfordthe company’s product manager, tweeted that an updated service is coming soon, and said, “The new blue hasn’t been rolled out yet — and the race to our launch continues, but some people may see us make updates as we test and push changes in real time,” according to the site. Engadget.

To this point, Twitter has not updated its Android app, and other perks that Elon Musk has promised will be part of the blue twitter revamped, such as the ability to post longer videos, was listed as ‘Coming Soon’ in the changelog in an update iOS .

It is not clear when all the items that Musk promised will be in place, but he is said to have given employees working on making verification a paid advantage until November 7 to complete work or lose their jobs. Last Friday, the company began laying off about 50 percent of its workforce. Leaving entire teams in ruins.

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