Twitter opens hiring for more than 90 positions despite thousands of layoffs

Twitter employs more than 90 positions despite laying off half of the workforce. Jobs for software engineers, though a senior London-based engineer was fired in his sleep.

According to business insider, Elon Musk sent a memo to Twitter employees telling employees they would know if they would be laid off last Friday, and some employees learned of their fate Thursday night after they were denied access to work emails and computers. their portable.

The Tesla founder took control of Twitter last week after his $44 billion deal to buy the platform was completed, and promptly fired top executives including CEO Paraj Agrawal and CFO Ned Sejal.

Musk later came up with new ideas for the company, including charging users an $8 fee to get blue tick status along with seeing fewer ads.

A large group of companies have halted ads on Twitter amid concerns about the platform’s approach to moderating content.

Musk told some of the platform’s top advertisers on a call that Twitter will have different levels of how content is edited, likening it to film age ratings, the Financial Times reported, then tweeted that Twitter’s “strong commitment” to content editing remained “absolutely unchanged.”

He also said in another tweet that he had no choice but to mass lay off workers because the company was losing $4 million a day.

And Musk added, “Anyone who left the service was offered 3 months of termination of service, which is 50% more than what is required by law.”

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