Twitter whistleblower testifies before US Senate today

Today, ex-Twitter security chief Peter Zatko is making public for the first time since his whistleblower complaint that may be key to determining the company’s future, according to Twitter. interested in trade Zatko is scheduled to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions about allegations he made about Twitter’s security failures..

Zatko’s complaint contains a myriad of information that may interest US lawmakers, and accuses the company’s leadership of misleading government regulators about security holes that could pave the way for foreign espionage, hacking, or disinformation campaigns, according to the network. CNNThe Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to question Zatko about all of these allegations.

“Zatco’s allegations of widespread security failures and foreign interference on Twitter raise serious concerns,” Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin said in a joint statement last month. around the world, and the Senate Judiciary Committee will investigate this problem.”

Twitter has denied Zatko’s allegations and portrayed him as a disgruntled employee who was fired for “ineffective leadership and poor performance.”.

Interest in Zatko’s testimony increased after a judge ruled that Elon Musk could use the claims from the whistleblower’s complaint in his legal battle to end his deal to buy Twitter.

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