Twitter’s New Verification Model Increases Fake Accounts

Many Twitter users took advantage of the opportunity to create fake accounts for celebrities, after the social networking platform announced a new verification system following its acquisition by technology billionaire Elon Musk.

Previously, celebrities, politicians, journalists and other public figures were required to provide proof of identity before receiving the blue verification mark badge, and according to the new model, all customers who sign up for $8 per month will get verified accounts, according to Al Bayan UAE report.

Musk said that verification through payment services and Apple and Google applications was sufficient, so that Twitter could dispense with verifying the identity of the subscriber.

Musk also threatened to eliminate fake accounts and parody accounts, saying that anyone who runs a personal account in the name of another person, and does not distinguish it, considering it a parody should be banned without warning.

However, a number of fake accounts have appeared since the new system was introduced despite the threat of ban.

For example, a user pretending to be LeBron James tweeted on Wednesday that the basketball star was planning to leave the Los Angeles Lakers, causing an uproar before banning this account, which differs only slightly from the player’s official account name.

In what could be a promise of more scrutiny, Musk tweeted late yesterday: “In the coming days, we will be adding more details to the verification badge, such as organizational affiliation and identity verification.

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