Uncover the secrets of glass frogs that become transparent at night!

When young glass frogs swarm at night, they can become translucent by hiding nearly 90% of their red blood cells, she said. RT.

Colored regions were hidden inside the frog’s liver, which could mask cells, according to a study published in the journal science.

During daylight hours, these little frogs spend their time hanging under the leaves of trees. At this point, their green forms do not cast shadows, making them invisible to potential predators.

However, once awakened, the frogs appear reddish-brown.

“When it’s transparent, it’s for its safety,” said Janji Yao, a biomedical engineer at Duke University and co-author of the study. When awake, they can actively evade predators, but when asleep and more vulnerable, they may adapt to remain hidden.“.

Scientists have used imaging and ultrasound technology to unlock new insight: Frogs are able to ‘concentrate’ or mask nearly 90% of the red blood cells in the liver while they sleep..

Yao also noted that frogs can contract and squeeze most of their internal organs together.

The research beautifully explains how glass frogs mask blood in their livers to maintain transparency, said Juan Manuel Guayasamín, a frog biologist at the University of San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador, who was not involved in the study, and how they managed to accomplish this feat that still remains. somewhat vague.

For most animals, having too little oxygen circulating in the blood for several hours would be fatal – blood too concentrated could lead to fatal clotting, however, frogs are able to survive..

The researchers believe that future studies on this type could yield information for the development of anticoagulant drugs.

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