United Media Services is preparing to launch the largest children’s content project in the Arab media

Preparing United Media Services Company During the coming period, to launch the largest children’s content project in the Arab media through a program map, drama and cartoon works directed at children of all ages.

In the coming days, United will launch the largest production company specialized in children’s content at all levels, which is “Nabta”, which will start with 7 major works, whether programmatic, cartoons or puppets, and major competitions and surprises that will be announced soon, which will become a leader in the field of child content at all levels.

The new program map also begins in the first week of next October by allocating open periods for children on the various Al-Mutahida channels, which include cartoons and children’s programs, including the “Happy Journey” program presented by Zahra Ramy, writer Samah Abu Bakr Ezzat, and the child Kinda, in addition to Yahya’s brides and treasures on the channels cbc The Egyptian TV and the “Children of Life” program presented by Salma Sabahy on Al-Hayat channel.

This is in addition to preparing the second part of the Yahya and Treasures series, in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, which includes noble values, morals and raising children. 26 new entertaining and educational songs will be released for children, including the Arabic alphabet, multiplication table and songs urging respect for the great, the value of the family and belonging to the homeland.

The United decided to allocate paragraphs in religious programs for children, in order to teach the true religion and the values ​​of tolerance, love and education of children, and to allocate paragraphs in the talk show programs on Friday and Saturday, “school holidays.” The United launched the largest football talent project in the history of Egypt, which is “Capitano Egypt.” In cooperation with the Ministry of Youth, 50,000 14-year-old talents have been tested so far in most governorates, and the best talents will be adopted in them.

A few days ago, the United launched the “Our Beautiful Ethics” initiative, which received good reactions and aims to build the Egyptian person of all ages, and launched paragraphs for children in the 8 morning program on DMC.

All sectors of the United Media Services are now working on adopting new and different ideas for children that build a new generation belonging to the family and the nation, within the framework of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi’s “Awareness Building” initiative, which targets the right of future generations to education on sound foundations based on citizenship, tolerance, noble morals and skills development .

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