Updates on the health status of Adel Imam.. A close friend reveals the truth

Recently, the health condition of the comedian, nicknamed “The Boss”, has been preoccupied. Adel Emam the minds of his fans in Egypt and the Arab world.

To reassure his fans of the latest developments in his health, journalist Mahmoud Moussa confirmed that the leader is in good health, and the news that spread earlier about his deteriorating health is not true.

King of Comedy

And the editor-in-chief of “Al-Ahram” newspaper wrote through his account on the social networking site “Facebook”: I am honored from time to time to visit the great star leader, Adel Imam, and today at noon I was honored to visit him, and as with all visits, the place is surrounded by positive energy, joy, joy and laughter.

He added, “I found him cheerful, healthy, smiling, and, as always, generous in his hospitality. In the presence of the leader, there are many memories of creativity and personalities who contributed to culture and thought.”

Al-Zaeem had congratulated his fans on the New Year with a picture of him, which he published on his account on the social networking site “Instagram”, and commented on it, “Happy New Year and you are a thousand good and happiness on the occasion of the New Year.”

“Al-Wad and his father”

A few weeks ago, the leader’s name topped the search engine “Google”, after news circulated that he would return to the cinema soon, after an absence of 12 years through a new movie, as his last cinematic appearance was in the movie “Alzheimer’s” in 2010, after which he focused on TV drama.

The leader’s family, represented by his brother and two sons, announced his readiness to film a new movie, entitled “The Valley and His Father”, co-starring his son, the artist Muhammad Imam, and directed by Ramy Imam, produced by Issam Imam.

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