Urgent.. Death mourns the artist Tariq Lutfi, and sadness hangs over social media

The artist, Tariq Lutfi, announced the death of his mother a little while ago, after a struggle with illness for a long time, and the artist did not reveal the cause of his mother’s death or the date of the funeral and condolences during this moment.

The death of the artist’s mother, Tariq Lutfi

And Tariq Lutfi wrote: I passed to the mercy of God, my dear mother, please pray for mercy and forgiveness, and the mother of the artist, Tariq Lutfi, went through a series of health crises over a long period that required her to enter intensive care more than once and undergo observation under the supervision of doctors.

Urgent.. Death mourns the artist, Tariq Lutfi, and a sad post on social media

The death of Tariq Lutfi’s mother

And in his previous statements, Tariq Lutfi said that the nursing staff accompanied his mother permanently, around the clock, until she recovered and then soon entered intensive care for the second time, after suffering a severe health crisis, but she was rescued and treated from the health crisis that she underwent. and conduct medical examinations.

Works by Tariq Lutfi

And recently, the artist Tariq Lutfi participated in a group of immortal works and the Ramadan race 2022, as he ignited competition in the artistic scene in the Ghamam Island series, as the series was well received by the pioneers of social networking sites and achieved great success since the first episode, as the events took place in a social suspense atmosphere and the work succeeded in Attracting a large segment of citizens.

Among the big stars who participated in the work of Ghammam Island were May Ezz El-Din, Abdel Aziz Makhyoun, Mayar El-Ghaity, Mohamed Jumaa, Wafaa Amer, Ahmed Amin, Fathi Abdel-Wahhab, and all of Riyad El-Khouli, in addition to Kawkaba. One of the stars of art, especially written by the great writer Abd al-Rahim Kamal and directed by Hussein al-Manbawi

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