US repels cyber-attacks by pro-Russian hacker group

Last Tuesday, a US Treasury official said that the US Treasury Department has repelled cyber-attacks by a pro-Russian hacker group in recent days, preventing disruption and underscoring the effectiveness of the department’s stronger approach to the cybersecurity of the financial system.

Todd Conklin, cybersecurity adviser to the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury and to Adiemo, said the Treasury Department attributed the DDoS attacks toDDoS) to me CelentA Russian hacker group claimed responsibility for disrupting the websites of several US states and airports in October, according to gadgets360.

Speaking at a financial services industry and regulator conference on cybersecurity, Conklin said the incident, which had not been previously reported, occurred two days before similar attacks from Celent on US financial services firms.

The company claimed Celent On October 11, it attacked the network infrastructure c. B. Morgan ChaseHowever, the bank did not report any impact on its operations.

Conklin described the attack on the Treasury Department as “activity DDoS Very low level targeting critical infrastructure points in the Treasury.”

In line with the new procedures adopted under the Biden administration, he said the Treasury Department quickly shared IP addresses (IP) used in the attack with financial services companies.

“He emphasized that we’re on the right track with the way we’re trying to share tactical information with the sector in real time keeping in mind that we’re interconnected and facing the same threat actors,” Conklin said, adding that this information includes low intelligence and details of adversaries.

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