Video| Marwan Pablo gets angry because of the musicians and throws the microphone

12:31 PM

Saturday 29 October 2022

I wrote – Mona El Mougy:

Rapper Marawan Pablo angered one of the musicians at a concert he was giving on Friday, October 28, at the Hockey Stadium.

A video spread on Facebook of Marwan throwing the mike on the stage, after he complied with the decision of the Syndicate of Musical Professions to accompany a band in his concerts, but the matter did not come out in a way that suits the lyrical color that he presents, which angered him and made him, absent from the stage before To decide to sing without a band.

The artist, Mostafa Kamel, had announced, at a meeting held in the Syndicate of Musical Professions, several decisions, including: canceling the term “festival songs” from artistic life in Egypt, and continued: “All our sincere goals are to preserve Egypt’s artistic identity and leadership, and the constants and traditions.”

He continued: “A musical group will come and make musicians. The union is not a chair on which one can sit. The union is a law and a regulation, and it is not a captain that says it, Mr. Captain. This union is a service work, and we have a law and a regulation that forces those who sing to operate a band.”

And he added: “You have earned, may God increase you, but we do not have a working member and we sing with iron, and this talk does not satisfy our Lord and is not useful and is not acceptable, who is not surprised by his thanks and by saying that you are not one of us.”

The artist, Mustafa Kamel, had started his speech at the conference, saying: “Whoever does this will not sing again or touch Mike again. We are working. I have decided that there is no word for festivals, and you will give me a promise from all those who are sitting and those who hear me outside, I do not want to hear this word again.”

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