Virgin Orbit reveals the reason for the failure of its first space launch from British soil

Virgin Orbit revealed that the failure of the first-ever orbital space launch from British soil was caused by a premature shutdown of the rocket. Atlantic then took out a booster containing nine satellites into space.

However, the Start Me Up mission organizers quickly identified an anomaly, and said the LauncherOne rocket failed to reach its target orbit, and the rocket was lost as footage later showed it burning or disintegrating in the atmosphere as it fell to Earth off the coast of Lanzarote.

And according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, Virgin Orbit said that the preliminary data indicated that the first stage of the missile was implemented as expected, and reached space heights, and that the stage of separation and ignition of the upper stage took place in line with the mission plan, and at a time Later in the mission, at an altitude of about 111 miles (180 km), the upper stage experienced an anomaly that prematurely ended the first burn.

This finished the mission, Virgin Orbit said, with the rocket components and payload returning to Earth within the approved safety corridor without ever reaching orbit.

Sir Richard Branson’s company has launched a formal investigation into the source of the second-stage failure, but said it hopes to return to Spaceport Cornwall for additional launches later this year.

“We are all disappointed that we were unable to achieve the complete success of the mission and deliver the launch service that our customers deserve, and upon identifying the anomaly, our team immediately moved into pre-planned investigation mode,” said Dan Hart, CEO of the company, adding that Virgin Orbit has launched an investigation. internally at the root causes of failure.

The plane, dubbed Cosmic Girl, took off from Cornwall Airport with hundreds of spectators watching and more than 75,000 watching a live broadcast of the event before it ended in failure.

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