Vodafone Egypt is a strategic partner of the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects

Vodafone Egypt announced its participation in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects, as a strategic partner for the initiative, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, a few weeks after it announced its sponsorship of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (Cop 27), to be held in Sharm El Sheikh, in The period from November 6-18, as part of efforts to achieve sustainable development, in the context of implementing Egypt’s Vision 2030.

Ambassador Hisham Badr, general coordinator of the initiative at the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, said that the initiative targets many areas, foremost of which are projects that take into account environmental sustainability standards, which lead to reducing carbon emissions and pollution, and preserve natural resources, in addition to projects that enhance energy and resource efficiency. which maintain biodiversity and ecosystem services, and which help to adapt to climate change.

Badr stressed that what has been achieved since the launch of the initiative represents a great achievement, thanking the governors who contributed to the speed of movement in the governorates of the Republic, as well as the awareness and training sessions that were held, where 6,281 projects were presented within the six categories of the initiative, followed by the holding of committees in each Governorate with the presence of experts and representatives from ministries and the National Council for Women.

Badr explained that the 18 winning projects that were selected at the last meeting of the initiative’s jury committee will be reviewed during the conference, and the 27 projects nicknamed the Ambassador project in each governorate will be honored to appreciate the governorates for their participation, as the winning projects will be shared in COP27, with more than one display mechanism available in more than effectiveness.

For his part, Ayman Essam, Head of the Foreign and Legal Affairs Sector at Vodafone Egypt, said that the company is always keen to participate in the events held by the Egyptian state, as it is one of the strategic partners for development projects related to women, climate change and sustainability in the field of digital transformation. The issue of climate and the environment is in line with the vision of Vodafone Egypt, which already has many continuous efforts in this file, and Vodafone’s strategy is based on supporting youth and benefiting from inspiring ideas, as well as promoting efforts to empower women.

Commenting on this, Naglaa Kenawy, Head of Human Resources at Vodafone Egypt, said that participation in the National Initiative for Smart Green Projects comes as part of Vodafone’s efforts to reach outstanding projects that contribute to achieving sustainability, especially targeting women, and enhancing their economic and social status, pointing out. That Vodafone Egypt has many programs targeting women, to benefit from their contributions, develop their efficiency, and integrate them into the labor market, which is what it always seeks in most of the initiatives it participates in.

It is worth noting that the initiative was launched by the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development as a pioneering initiative in the field of sustainable and smart development and dealing with the environmental dimension and the effects of climate change, by developing a map at the governorate level for smart green projects and attracting the necessary investments for them, enabling all governorates of Egypt and accessing various social and geographical categories, and spreading societal awareness about the challenges of climate change and the capabilities of modern technology, as well as empowering women in the field of facing the challenges of climate change and the environment, and integrating all segments of society in finding solutions to climate and environmental challenges.

As 18 winning projects were selected at the level of the Republic, three winning projects in each category, divided into 6 categories, and these projects are scheduled to be announced at the conference scheduled to be held next Thursday, November 3, and include the six categories; The category of large projects, the category of medium projects, the category of startups, the category of small local projects, the category of development projects related to women, climate change and sustainability, and the category of non-profit community initiatives and participation.

It is noteworthy that “Vodafone Egypt” sponsors three winners of development projects related to women’s empowerment, climate change and sustainability, by providing cash prizes in addition to in-kind prizes in the form of marketing consultations and technical and technical support provided by the V-HUB platform, and this comes within the framework of its full support For youth, women, sustainable projects and digital initiatives that contribute to making a tangible positive impact on society.

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