Vodafone Egypt launches the first Eco-Sim made from recycled materials

Dr.. Amr Talaat: We encourage the initiatives of ICT companies to activate environmentally friendly policies

Dr. Yasmine Fouad: We seek to open cooperation and strategic partnerships for the largest number of private sector companies to enter the field of environmental work service based on the principle of social responsibility towards their society and country

Vodafone Egypt, the largest mobile operator in Egypt, launched the first Eco-sim mobile chip, made of 100% recycled plastic materials, through which Vodafone seeks to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Vodafone Egypt is one of the first companies to participate in initiatives to reduce emissions from plastic waste, which exacerbate the effects of climate change, in line with the presidential directives to launch initiatives to preserve the environment before Egypt hosts the COP27 Climate Change Conference, and in light of supporting the efforts of The Ministry of Environment proposes ideas for the most appropriate ways to include the private sector in environmental work, in terms of profitability and preservation of the environment at the same time, through building the organizational structure and implementing a community dialogue that ensures the participation of all concerned groups.

Vodafone adopts a strategy to promote sustainable development within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030, by relying on renewable and clean energy in operating systems and network management; To reduce the carbon emissions of operational processes, and reach zero carbon emissions in 2040, in addition to supporting green technology investments in various sectors, especially by integrating the element of digital technology and the environmental dimension in the various development sectors with the aim of improving the quality of life of the Egyptian citizen and improving his standard of living within the framework of an ecosystem Integrated and sustainable.

Dr. Amr Talaat, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, praised the importance of this step taken by Vodafone to launch the first mobile chip in Egypt that conforms to environmental specifications, and which goes along with the state’s efforts to achieve sustainable development goals and protect the environment, pointing to the keenness of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to encourage all initiatives that Launched by companies operating in the communications and information technology sector to activate environmentally friendly policies and push forward towards building a green economy.

Dr. Amr Talaat indicated that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has many initiatives to support environment-friendly policies and preserve natural resources, including replacing copper cables with fiber-optic cables, adopting mechanisms to establish mobile towers and marine landing stations using renewable energy, in addition to stimulating and accelerating green technological innovation. It is also cooperating with the Ministry of Environment to provide technological support in preparation for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP27), in addition to cooperating in using and adapting ICT solutions to preserve the environment.

For her part, the Minister of Environment, Dr. Yasmine Fouad, praised the strategic partnership with Vodafone Egypt and the cooperation in various environmental activities and projects carried out by the Ministry to protect the Egyptian environment and raise environmental awareness, within the framework of the “Get Green” campaign to spread environmental awareness under the auspices of the President of the Republic. Fouad expressed her hope that this cooperation will open the way for a larger number of private sector companies to enter the field of environmental work service based on the principle of social responsibility towards their society and country. She stressed the importance of partnerships between ministries and the private sector in the field of environmental preservation and awareness of environmental issues and climate change.

For his part, Mohamed Abdullah, CEO of Vodafone Egypt, said: “We are proud to present the first environmentally friendly mobile SIM in Egypt, in order to strengthen strategic partnerships with the Ministries of Environment and Communications,” noting that Vodafone aspires to replace all customers’ plastic SIM cards with environmentally friendly ones during the period. The next step will contribute to reducing our use of plastic by about 340 tons per year.

Mohamed Abdullah added: “Preserving the environment and working to reduce climate change are among the most important files that Vodafone Egypt works on and places it in the priorities of its work strategy, and we always strive to provide solutions and participate in effective initiatives in this field, and Abdullah indicated, that Vodafone Egypt It was one of the first private sector companies to sign the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in addition to participating in many initiatives in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, the most important of which is the E-Tadweer project for the recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste, and Vodafone Egypt adopts the preservation system in all its branches and sales centers On the environment and reducing carbon emissions, including the application of the digital experience using waiting numbers and digital bills to reduce the printing of papers inside branches, as well as the replacement of plastic bags with paper.

It is worth noting that Vodafone Egypt and the Vodafone Egypt Foundation for Community Development are working to launch a variety of initiatives, which would contribute significantly to confronting climate change and achieving a sustainable digital ecosystem. The company has disposed of all non-essential plastic materials in all areas. Its facilities and subsidiaries, along with replacing old light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs, save about 940 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. In addition to the establishment of a solar power plant in Beni Suef to manage our data centers, which saves about 71 tons of emissions annually, it also worked to cover the roofs of the main building with solar photovoltaic panels, which will contribute to reducing about 135 tons of emissions annually.

It is noteworthy that Vodafone Egypt announced at the end of last month that it will be the strategic communications sponsor for the 27th session of the Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27), which Egypt will host in Sharm El-Sheikh in November 2022. Various projects – such as the Internet of Things (IoT) – aim to enable society to save energy and create greener cities, as well as improve the efficiency of sectors, especially the agriculture and transportation sectors.

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